In early July of 2013 I flew home to PA to visit my 87 year old father in the hospital and to relieve my sister from Houston who had been at mom’s for two weeks helping to care for my dad. He had 3 hospital stays in June due to his declining health. Upon my arrival at the hospital and before I even got to his room I was stopped by a nurse who asked me what the discharge plan was for my father and was told that he “had to go.”

To say I was speechless is an understatement. She then handed me 3 packets of paper totaling about 100 names and addresses of facilities and told me that I had to find one by the next day and that the social workers were not permitted to recommend one. Since I had not lived in PA for over 30 years knowing which facility was best was going to be a challenge.

After visiting dad, mom and I returned home where the fun began. I spent all afternoon researching and calling rehab facilities to inquire about vacancies and services. Although I had many years experience in the referral business and in the elder care field this was still an emotional and overwhelming experience, because this was personal.

After narrowing down choices based on location, services offered, and negative feedback we identified five possibilities. The next morning we drove to each. The first two we did not even go in based on the outside appearance. One wonderful program was full and had an extremely long waiting list, another was an unpleasant experience all around, and fortunately the last one met our requirements.

We interviewed the Admissions Director, toured the facility, reviewed the State Book (violations), and asked lots of questions. Satisfied that we had found the right place we notified the hospital and dad was transferred that night. He spent 8 weeks in rehab and then returned home where he remained until his transition in December of 2013.

Before all of this happened, I had toyed around with the idea of starting a business where services could be found quickly, but always had other things demanding my attention. After this experience, I returned home and six weeks later Carefinderz was a reality.

It serves as a one-stop shop of local service providers and eliminates the need to spend hours researching. We link directly to the websites of service providers so all of the information needed is at your fingertips. We help you find the care you need for the ones you love easily and cover a large variety of categories.

Know that we are here for you and wish you much success on your search. Let us know how we can help!